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Visual Memory

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

I opened my inbox just to find this photo, a good friend of mine sent. Always a pleasant way to start ones’ morning! It was taken in August of 2004 with a film camera and a double exposure. Surprise surprise, I’m playing with my glorious 2.2mpix Kodak digital camera. Aahhh those were the days of experimenting with a new technology and taking fantastically crappy photos.

For some, memories are brought forth by music, others scent, for me it’s anything visual. I find it fascinating when someone mentions, “Hey that song played during this and that. Remember?” Umm… no, not at all. But with pictures it’s different. I can view just a snippet of a moment in time, and I’m able to recall everything. That day in August we walked around Allan Gardens, then took a streetcar to the Mod Club to see the Weakerthans play. I remember the art work at the Mod Club, but for the life of me I can’t recall what the band sounded like. Brains work in funny ways… That’s why I always mess up Jaws music, but can recall maps with clarity. What are your memories triggered by? And if you tell me that you remember the song that played during your first dance with a boy (or a girl) that you liked, I will get slightly jealous. But I can sure tell you what that boy was wearing.