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Random Wednesday – Catching up

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Playing the ‘catch up’ game has never been my forte, especially with blogging. Writing about yesterday’s news, is like drinking day-old tea… great, now I can’t get that cold, bitter tea taste out my mouth… bleh! Why do I do this to myself?!?

Anyways, right before I left last week, I made instructional videos on how to use the new Lightroom plug-in for the 500px website. This information is probably relevant to only the geekiest of us all. It talks about how to export your photos directly from Lightroom into the 500px website, manage collections, and reply to comments. If you’re interested check these out.

Another neat thing that happened, was a small photo of mine was published in 24Hrs newspaper. My friends’ band, previously known as Kill Giants, has reformed and are now playing all over town with the new name Convoys. The ‘teenage groupie’ in me loves saying that my friends are in a band! I also know all of their songs, and can sing them off-tune really well, no joke. You should definitely check them out! Also, one of the band members, Jason, just made it to The Grid newspaper with his brother and their new Korean Taco bar. So proud of them!