Katia Trudeau Photography


Feel Good Weekend

We had been anticipating this weekend for some time now and finally everything was ready to go. From giant light reflectors to tea and cookies, it was the weekend when Jena, Angie, and I invited 16 women to have their portrait photos taken. Over the next two days Angie was glamming up the ladies, while Jena and I were capturing their beauty. There was so much ‘smizing’ (smiling with eyes) going on that I don’t know how our cameras didn’t melt. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who came out to the event. You were all incredible, and we were so humbled that you allowed us to pamper you for at least a short while. A HUGE Thank You goes out to an amazing makeup artist, Angie Di Battista for volunteering her time and phenomenal skills, Jena for being my ‘go to’ girl and to Dexter for so kindly letting us use his space.

Here are a few photos that we captured that weekend. If you missed this year’s event, don’t fret.  We’re thinking of making it an annual thing, because giving back never felt so good (or so glamourous)!


  • Mark Patten

    Stunning work Katia. I grow tired of the ‘Celeb’ style of portraits that abound in so much of the press media. You have presented ‘Real’ women beautifully. Great job.