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Chandni + Michael : Engagement

When she told me that Mike proposed, I was a complete puddle of mush. Not many are able to do that to me, but she certainly can. Chandni, the girl I’ve known since grade 10, the fun outgoing one, the one I always looked up too, and hoped that her coolness would somehow rub off on me (um, it didn’t). Yeap, THAT girl, is getting married to an amazing man, who is just as cool, fun, and outgoing as she is. And that makes me ridiculously happy. Well done, you two! Can’t wait to photograph your wedding in Vancouver next year. I will try my best not to bring albums of embarrassing photos from the past 15 years with me.

Huge kudos to Jena for helping out with the photoshoot. Thanks for capturing great moments that day.

Jena’s view!

While I was shooting details, Jena was getting THIS!

Jena’s view!

Mike! Fantastic!

TO vs. Van rivalry, it never ends! We got more sun. So there!

Jena captured this.

Well done, J.

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  • Ckher83


  • Wjivraj

    I work with Chadni, the photos are great, I love them.

    Wendy Jivraj

  • evan

    pretty good

  • taylor

    Great photos – Mike, you are a lucky dude – Chandni is a very pretty lady, and obviously willing to put up with you! Congrats again… sincerely.

  • Kiran

    Awesome photos….LOVE !!

  • Gitikachitre

    outasight awesome magnifique!!!!! loved the pix  the lovebirds compliment each other  so well and our Chandni she is just sooooooo  gorgeous……