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Random Wednesday – Stickers and cold

Who doesn’t like pretty stickers?!? I know I do, but it is so painful to decide where to place them. I think I have ‘sticker’ commitment issues. I literally walk around with a sticker in my hand and look into all the notebooks, folders, boards, papers and try to think where to place it. Not being able to settle on anything, I stockpile them. Yes, hoarders style, one day you’ll find me under all the pretty papers and stickers because I couldn’t commit on any of them.

Last week, I published a review of the CottonCarrier vest and their Lite system over at the 500px blog. Instead of double posting it here, head on over if you’re interested in reading about my mini adventure with their products. I even used my brother as a model, making him famous one picture at a time! … or so I’d like to think. 

Lastly, I got a cold! It took me out for couple of days, but it’s getting better. And I thought that all of you should know, well not really! I’m more interested in finding out how YOU fight your colds, in natural ways that is. For the past few days I’ve been drinking a lot of herbal teas with real ginger, lemon, and mint in it.  Liquid green vitamins, oregano oil, and even iron was thrown into the mix. But at the end of the night I still took NyQuil so I’d be able to sleep. And sleep I did, for 11 hours straight, three days in a row. I would like to replace NyQuil with something more natural though. Any ideas?


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  • Take5

    Sleepy time tea, chamomile, best of all is Tucker yourself out by a good workout, fall asleep lights on n everything