Katia Trudeau Photography


Tea, chocolate, and jewellery.

August 28th, 2012

It all started with a “Buy $10 worth at BulkBarn and get $3 off” coupon. I swear, these Bulk Barn people know exactly how to get me in the door. For those who are not familiar with the store, it’s everything in large bins, from flour and candy, to dog food. Do you know how challenging it is to load up on $10 worth of loose tea leaves? Seven different kinds later and a bar of organic white chocolate I was out of there, happy! I successfully avoided the gummy candy aisle, that had my name flashing on it with tacky Vegas light bulbs.

And would you just look at what else I found?!?! Imagine me doing a super fast clap and squealing with delight – that’s precisely what I did when I saw these lovelies. I adore crazy fashion jewellery, and appreciate it even more when it’s a good brand… and on sale. Good marketing, that’s how they always get me, tsk tsk. Today I’m a happy camper. Typing this with rings on my fingers, while having a nice cup of lavender black tea with white choco. Just perfect!

Olympics Hopeful

August 1st, 2012

With the Olympic games well underway, it got me thinking that Camera Lifting, and Gear Wrestling should definitely be included as Olympic sports. Did you see those sports photographers?!? Notice how they are all men with gigantic lenses and dressed in less-than-pretty vests? I guess none of the designers wanted to undertake the task of dressing the photo & video crews. But that’s beside the point. Last week I FINALLY got my Nikon D4, and my biggest worry was its size. Well, it’s big.  In fact it’s larger than my head! Which, by method of scientific deduction, can only mean that I have a tiny head. The camera is also fairly heavy. Pretty much the only reason I exercise is so I can survive 18h weddings with all that camera gear. “In the left corner, representing team Nikon is D4 with a 70-200mm lens and a flash.  In the right corner, representing women wedding photographers – a tiny girl with a tiny head”. Geez. So workouts it is!

The first time I heard about this Team Beach Body workout, I burst out laughing. “Brazil Butt Lift”. You’ve got to be kidding me! With workouts such as Bum Bum, High and Tight, Tummy Tuck and Cardio Axe I wonder who gets paid to name these routines. Alas, I’m second week into it and still laugh through a few of them, especially when I hear “Welcome to Boooooom Boooom”. These are very leg muscle oriented workouts, which is not exactly what I need for lifting the gear, but it’s a nice change from P90X and Insanity. I might actually stick with it for the whole 8 weeks. Next on my list is Tapout XT, and it really does not look like fun. But watching all these Olympic athletes makes me want to get off my soon-to-be Brazilian lifted butt more often.

Salva + Vimal: Wedding

July 23rd, 2012

“Chance of thunderstorms” was what the forecast called for that day. Lovely… Salva and Vimal already braved the rain during their engagement session, so rain on their wedding day was not exactly welcomed. The dark clouds rolled-in in the morning coupled with thunder and lightning. It came down hard…and then right before they had to leave for the church, it stopped. And glorious weather followed for the whole day!

On that gorgeous day Salva and Vimal were married not once, but twice, in two different ceremonies, perfectly tying their cultures together. Salva looked simply radiant in each one of her gorgeous dresses. And Vimal… well Vimal just couldn’t stop smiling every time he glanced over at his bride. Surrounded by family and friends, good food and fun music, they celebrated their love, their cultures, and the unity of their families. Salva and Vimal, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for welcoming us to your celebration, and treating us like part of the family.

Venue: Chandni Convention Centre
Decor: Far East Wedding Decor
Florals: Bloom ’84 (905) 844-1750
Cake: Not Just Cakes
DJ: Empire Entertainment
Photobooth: SnapBox
Videographer: Red Letter Media
Hair and Make up: Angell’s Beauty.

A huge thank you to my awesome team, Jena and Zeekid, for capturing the memories with me.


July 5th, 2012

I opened my eyes this morning, wondering why it was so dark.  Turned out it was barely 4am and I was wide awake. This jet-lag is phenomenal. If only I could wake up this early every morning, I’d have plenty done by noon. I’m back from a great trip to Ireland, loved the country, not so much the weather.  Since I love making ‘observation lists’, here is one in no particular order.

  • There are many clocks, almost none of them show the correct time.
  • House doors are one brighter than the other. All painted in primary bold colours. Loved the ‘peacock windows’ above the doors.
  • Door knobs/handles are in the middle of the door. Lots of pretty door knockers.
  • Sunrise is at 5am and sunset is at 10pm, which makes  for one  gorgeous light-filled day.
  • Forecast always calls for RAIN, because it will rain at some point in the day
  • Amazing produce, especially milk products and bread
  • The whole country is green, no wonder with all that rain. Many fields with lots of cows, sheep, goats, and horses just outside the city borders.
  • They have soft water, which is great for my hair, but it’s a bit hard to wash the soap off your hands
  • Many pretty cast iron gates. Elaborate designs on the roofs and columns.
  • Ireland is a country of tea drinkers. I fit right in.
  • People consume a lot of bread with butter, and don’t shy away from desserts. Desserts are delicious and served in generous portions, just as the rest of the food.
  • Beer is cheap, and GOOD. I even visited the Guinness factory.
  • Stores and shops close early, and most people are home at a decent hour. The whole city goes ‘dead’ on a Sunday.
  • Lots of kids and dogs.
  • Umm… unusually high proportion of handsome men, with sexy Irish accents : )
  • Everywhere you go has a long history. Museums are free, beautiful, and with great exhibits.
  • Dublin has a nice and cozy feel of a small city.
  • I liked the absence of skyscrapers.
  • There is a church on every corner. Most of them look alike inside.
  • Lots of green space, and…stone. Everything is made from stone.

Here is part one of the photo series. These were taken in the city of Drogheda where I stayed.

Loved that empty industrial building on the side of the river.

Is it me being Torontonian that I want to buy this building and convert it into lofts?


June 21st, 2012

Don’t you just love getting emails that say “your order has been shipped”, especially when they’re regarding album orders. I absolutely love when a project comes to completion and countless hours of work arrive at my doorstep in the form of a gorgeous album. I do a happy dance every time. The two kinds of albums that I usually print are guest books, and of course, wedding albums.

The guest book 
If you are deciding whether or not you should have one at your wedding, the answer is “Get it!” It showcases your engagement photos beautifully, and you’ll always have a nice album to remember that time by. Your guests will absolutely love flipping through the pages and having conversations over it. They will also be more eager to write their wishes for you when they know that you’re keeping that book forever. An album full of your engagement photos and best wishes is something that you will look back at and smile, melting over all the pleasant memories.


The wedding album
I’m sure you can easily guess what my opinion is regarding these. I’ve written about these albums before, and I still stand firmly by my “Every couple should have a wedding album” stance. If one is completely out of your budget for now, because let’s face it they are not exactly cheap, make sure to get one at a later date. Set yourself a reminder, maybe on your first wedding anniversary, to order that album. I doubt anyone ever regretted having a beautifully designed album of their wedding photos. And I sure do enjoy receiving them in mail.


The Norm

June 13th, 2012

I was trying to talk myself out of eating a poutine using every possible logical excuse I could come up with. Starting with “it’s fried, cheese doesn’t agree with me, and gravy is way too unhealthy” to “what if the oil is not hot enough and the fries are soggy”. Plus it was way too far to drive to NY Fries. Then I recalled seeing a new Potato restaurant close to my house. And with that, all excuses went out the window. Let’s just say that workouts, food, and I, have ‘complicated‘ written on our FB relationship status. But this is not a story about food, but a story of how my knee, after many years, was re-introduced to the pavement.

After satisfying my crazy food craving with a glorious poutine, or at least half of it, I was all ready to leave. With a summer dress and matching pretty shoes on, and a lovely beige purse in hand, the next few moments in my mind I’d like to think happened like this.  Me missing a step, twisting my ankle and doing a ‘fabulous’ rollout onto the main street. My first thought while still on the ground was “Gah, stupid karma! I shall never eat a poutine ever again.” A quick assessment of the damages revealed a scraped, bleeding knee, and cuts on my ankle. Fantastic! One good thing about living in the suburbs (in these situations) is that no one ever walks the streets. So, I got up and pretended that nothing ever happened, and that my bleeding knee was just the norm. Keeping it classy… as always. The moral of the story is… there is none. I’m just clumsy. But if you ask me what’s up with my knee, now you know.

And since pictures make everything better, here are the gorgeous lilacs that bloomed in my backyard.

Feel Good Weekend

June 8th, 2012

We had been anticipating this weekend for some time now and finally everything was ready to go. From giant light reflectors to tea and cookies, it was the weekend when Jena, Angie, and I invited 16 women to have their portrait photos taken. Over the next two days Angie was glamming up the ladies, while Jena and I were capturing their beauty. There was so much ‘smizing’ (smiling with eyes) going on that I don’t know how our cameras didn’t melt. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who came out to the event. You were all incredible, and we were so humbled that you allowed us to pamper you for at least a short while. A HUGE Thank You goes out to an amazing makeup artist, Angie Di Battista for volunteering her time and phenomenal skills, Jena for being my ‘go to’ girl and to Dexter for so kindly letting us use his space.

Here are a few photos that we captured that weekend. If you missed this year’s event, don’t fret.  We’re thinking of making it an annual thing, because giving back never felt so good (or so glamourous)!

It’s Gold!

June 6th, 2012

The excitement level was running high, first with a ‘free birthday drink’ and now this! I opened the envelope. “Congratulations” read the card with a glimmer of gold shining through a cutout star. I was the proud owner of a Starbucks gold card, with my name on it! I think it’s safe to say that I’m a huge sucker for good marketing. I even showed off the card to my mom, where she asked “What does the card give you?” … absolutely nothing. Yet it still makes me happy. Then for my ‘Birthday drink” I decided to live on the edge and ordered a venti earl grey tea with two tea bags. Take that Starbucks!

Techy Me

June 4th, 2012

That’s right, I said it! And by ‘it’ I mean the word TECHY… Looking up the latest Nikon and Mac rumors is usually as techy as I ever get; so, building a Hackintosh was completely out of my realm [speaking of realms, didn’t The Game of Thrones season just end? Time to watch it!]. For those who never heard of a Hackintosh, it’s basically a PC that runs on the MacOS… which, I now own. It makes me and my workflow incredibly happy. It runs exactly like a Mac, but way faster than my 2009 MacBook Pro and at a fraction of the cost. There are obviously a few issues like no built in BlueTooth or WiFi, but these are minor. I also forgot just how many cables Desktop computers require, but since I won’t be moving it anywhere, I think the Hack and I are cool.

The other techy news is that I finally got my own Spyder4 Pro monitor calibrator. My screens were slowly getting off their proper colours and borrowing one from a friend just got old. So I picked one up at the Exposure Show, and I’m now back in the ‘properly calibrated’ game!

Lastly, while in NYC, my iPhone4 was stolen (partially my fault). So I’m back to my faithful ol’ Motorola Pebl (circa 2005) with an amazing five day battery and nothing else! If you wonder what that archaic technology looks like, go here; I bet you had one! For now, I’m waiting for the iPhone5 to come out. I miss instagram, and notes…and email…and maps and… everything else. So if anyone is kind enough to let me borrow their unused 4, or 4s in the meantime, that would be amazing!

Here is my brother hard at work putting my Hack together. Ahhh, I love my techy family. If anyone would like to know the full build of my Hack, leave a message.

Hello, I’m sorry

May 30th, 2012

You know that feeling when you should be doing something, but you are not, and the longer you put it off the more nagging that feeling gets. That’s pretty much been my relationship with blogging in the last little while. I think we are past our fallout and will be back to regular hours starting Monday. I have a lot of new things to share, stories to tell, photos to show. For now, here is me smiling at you, apologizing for neglecting you all.